Brain Awareness Week! Day 2

So here we find ourselves on Day 2 of Brain Awareness Week.

Today I thought I’d post some brain related art.

First are two artist that have been affected by brain diseases.

1. Elizabeth Jameson

When I first started working on my own MRI images, I did a little googling to see what type of MRI art was out there, and I found Elizabeth’s art, which I personally find to be beautiful.  Elizabeth has MS, and primarily uses her own MRI images to create her art.  I really appreciate her use of color, shape, texture, and space to really bring the life and creativity that this brain possesses to the MRI image.  I would love for her to bring this life to one of MY MRI images!

2.  Sandy Allen –

Sandy Allen had a malignant brain tumor removed from her temporal lobe, and while previous to surgery she was reported to be a bit more analytical, post surgery she engaged much more in art and art therapy and found a new passion and niche as an artist.  I’m not certain whether this change was something physically based on the tumor location and removal or whether it was just a result of a life change and new exposure and experience with art, but either way the life experience was highly influential.

Now on to a couple non-brain-disease arts….

3. Noah Scalin at Skull A Day –

I randomly found this image as I was looking for brain related art.  It is a skull outline made out of human brain slices that are covered in acrylic! Each piece has the person’s name and their disease written on them as well which I think is a very cool group inclusion aspect. If you visit Scalin’s Skull A Day blog post you can check out a few videos about the piece.

4. Unknown –

This is my last piece of art today.  And unfortunately I do not know the artist.  If you do, please let ME know so that I can share it with everyone else and learn more about them because I think this piece is beautiful, smart, funny and interesting.  I found it via which took me to a tumblr post, which took me to another tumblr post, and I could never get to the original artist.  But anyway, I love this version of the brain.

If you have any brain related art or artists that you love, please share! Leave a comment!

Happy Brain Awareness Week!


About Ashley Myers-Turner

Los Angeles based photographer & videographer, health care advocate, and chocolate dipped twizzler enthusiast.

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