Brain Awareness Week! Day 3

Day number 3 for Brain Awareness Week!

Today I want to share a few Ted Talks that I’ve found particularly funny, interesting or important.

Cockroach Beatbox

First is a short – about 6 minutes – video that demonstrates how the brain receives and delivers electrical impulses using a cockroach leg and a human beatbox. It’s extremely entertaining as well as informative.

Stroke of Insight

Second is a talk by Jill Bolte Taylor about her experience of having a stroke.  This talk is personally significant to me because it influenced my decision to seek medical treatment.  At one point, she is talking about how she was on an exercise machine, with a headache, and she felt as though she was some sort of other being witnessing herself have an experience.  And there had been several times that I felt similarly, where I felt as though I was watching myself have experiences, and where I even thought to myself, in a way to explain this strange phenomenon, “Well, she needs the body, she needs the body to live down here, but I don’t need a body anymore.”  And it was when I watched Jill’s talk and heard her discuss having similar symptoms that I thought maybe I was having strokes.  So I found medical help.  And although it wasn’t strokes, I definitely owe Jill Bolte Taylor and Ted Talks a thank you for bringing this to my attention and inspiring me to seek help.

Anyway, I love Jill’s humor and her speaking style. I love the way she almost dances when she speaks, adding poignancy to her words.  And I love that she brings an actual human brain on the stage.  Awesome!


Happy Brain Awareness Week! Day 3


About Ashley Myers-Turner

Los Angeles based photographer & videographer, health care advocate, and chocolate dipped twizzler enthusiast.

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