Brain Awareness Week! Day 7

Brain Awareness Week! Day 7

aka  the LA Marathon Day aka Marathon Mayhem!

I went down to the LA Marathon in an attempt to take photos of a couple of the team members of Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure ( – especially one member who was running a marathon for the first time! But, as I had a slight hunch, because we didn’t really have a hard default meeting place, and there were THOUSANDS of people at the finish line trying to get in touch with each other clogging up the cell reception, I couldn’t get a hold of anyone and find them in order to get post race portraits.  Instead, for ABC2, we will only have the luncheon pics and of course the pictures I’m sure each runner’s friends and family took.

However, since I was down there with my camera, I did take a few other photos.  I realized that when I’m attempting to catch a spontaneous moment quickly with my camera, I have a tendency to hit myself in the face/eyebrow with my camera body in order to get it there in time.  Usually not a problem, but it turned out to be a bit painful today and caused more missed moments than usual, which was a bit frustrating…. but oh well. I’ll get back to hitting myself in the face with my camera without painful incident soon enough!

On to a few pictures:


About Ashley Myers-Turner

Los Angeles based photographer & videographer, health care advocate, and chocolate dipped twizzler enthusiast.

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