Mini Tattoo Inspiration Update

Originally I had thought about getting my skull tattoo on my finger, like in the picture I had posted with the hand and the tea cup, but I didn’t think it was possible to get the sugar skull’s intricacy so small onto a finger.

Well, today I saw this picture.


(I found it via pintrest, and while I opened probably 15 windows trying to venture back to find the original poster as well as the artist, I had no luck…… I apologize – I will happily credit photographer, artist and tattoo recipients if they are found)

I absolutely LOVE these!!

I’m still not completely convinced something like that could fit on my very small fingers.

AND, I’m not totally sure I would want to totally scale back the design, instead of going a little larger on my forearm.  But I love seeing that it has been done and *might*, *possibly* be an option.

Also… as a side note….

I’m going to be at the UCLA Brain Tumor Conference tomorrow and Saturday.  I’ll be sure to post about anything I find particularly interesting or moving.


About Ashley Myers-Turner

Los Angeles based photographer & videographer, health care advocate, and chocolate dipped twizzler enthusiast.

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