I’m Watching You

Life has definitely become busy, exciting, and I would even say more fulfilling that it had been in the months leading up to my diagnosis.  Currently my relationships and friendships are feel more deep, secure and based on more true caring and emotion.  I’m finding more work in an industry I care about, and really enjoying learning the ins and outs.  I’m meeting a bevy of new people, who  have similar yet completely different experiences than me, allowing me to feel close to them, yet learn from them and grow and experience new things.

I have never really thought of myself as an artist.  I’ve been a musician and a dancer – so I’ve only thought of myself as a performing artist. And then as a photographer and a photojournalist, not a “fine artist”.  So using this experience to create “art” and take on a new role, has been a new experience within itself for me.  I have really appreciated those who have talked with me in person about how they have found the work to be inspiring in some way, and I think thats because I’m really making it for myself and therefore its really coming from a personal and authentic place.  Hopefully thats the place people are connecting to.

So I’m currently working on a couple more pieces, using new media which is another experiment for me (might as well try more new things while I”m at it…..)

So while I’m attempting to perfect that, I’m posting an older piece that I made before the holidays, in December 2011.

This was made as an attempt to mimics part of my seizure symptomology where I’ll feel out of body, as though I’m watching myself have an experience. Once, in order to somehow resolve this feeling for myself, I thought while looking at my body “Its ok, I don’t need my body, but she does, she can have it.”


About Ashley Myers-Turner

Los Angeles based photographer & videographer, health care advocate, and chocolate dipped twizzler enthusiast.

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