Mondo Brain Inspiration

I have always loved the show Project Runway.  I’ve watched it since season 1.  I was especially excited for season 2 when my Houston home town designer, Chloe Dao, won the entire season! I had been going into her shop, Lot 8,  for months already and was already a fan and supporter.  When a friend got married and had a fancy black tie wedding, I went to her store to pick out a dress.  When I lived in New York City, I nearly fainted when I physically ran into Tim Gunn at a corner market. Totally my fault, not looking where I was going, I literally ran into him, I started to apologize, I heard him start to talk, recognized his voice, looked up, and pretty much just froze in place.  I work in entertainment and with celebrities so this is an atypical reaction – this is special. Tim Gunn is awesome.

So to get more on point…. I watched the first season of the Project Runway All Stars.  And while I of course missed Tim Gunn (!) and Heidi, I was very excited that a few of my favorite designers were on the season.

While I never really connected with Mila as a person, I do usually enjoy her designs.  I love April’s creativity, and while I don’t think I can wear all of her creations, I usually like her process and the the journey she has getting there.  Maybe with more time she would create something I would wear.

But my FAVORITE by FAR(RRRRRR), both on his season and on the all stars, has been Mondo. I absolutely LOVE his designs.  The final product is usually fantastic. And, maybe even more than the final product (which I can’t believe I’m even saying because it’s always in my top three if not my favorite), I LOVE his process.

Yes, his process is usually mess.  It’s frustrating.  It’s disagreeable with the other designers.  It’s not always just an easily inspired piece.  But the more frustrated and the more difficult and the more he thinks and simmers and mulls it over, the more he has to pull from the inside and check on his emotions and challenge himself for more interesting inspiration, the deeper, more interesting, and more original the final designed piece is.

He really works as an artist, and that process is what I really respect and what I think gives his work the originality that makes it wonderful.  And I think thats part of what I connect with, and what someone buying the clothing would connect with.

In the final challenge he had this “creative block” if you will, and ended up creating his final pieces around the theme of therapy, literally using the pieces as his own therapy, which I thought was great.  (I loved the Rorschach Test print that he created – very beautiful.)  I was very happy that the risk he took in thinking and using time to think creatively ended up helping him win the whole event!

So this got me thinking……. Project Runway Style…… May is Brain Tumor/Brain Cancer Awareness Month…..

My little wish that I’m putting out there on the internet is that my favorite designer, Mondo, could create a piece with inspiration based on the brain to be sold with the proceeds going towards brain cancer research.  He can use the entire month to design, and unveil the piece at the end of the month!

If the piece could go with these accessories (which I wear on a regular basis), extra points!

Of course this will never happen…..  but I will dream.

Is anyone else out there a designer?


Welllll…. while I dream, I thought I’d also take a look at some other Anatomy inspired fashion.  Some I like (probably the more abstract).  Some that I came across were just putting the anatomy on the person – making the invisible visible.  And some of that was tasteful, and some of that was not.  Soooo….. here is a mix for you to look at and see what you like.  You be the judge.  And do you’re own searching as well!



 Christopher Kane FW 09 took inspiration specifically from Female anatomy.

Carolina Pineda looked at both the muscles and skeleton when designing an evening wear collection.

 Katie Eary seemed to focus mainly on the skeleton and rib cage with her collection.

 Here is a look at Rodarte (left), Unknown (center) and Tim Burton (right) for a variety of looks all having different takes on the inspiration of anatomy.



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