Brain Surgery LIVE to your Living Room

In an amazing use of Social Media, Memorial Hermann Hospital (in my hometown of Houston, TX), used twitter to give us a live, minute by minute look at the removal of a brain tumor.  The surgeon is Dr. Dong Kim, MD who helped with Gabrielle Giffords’ treatment after she was shot in the head. The feed included tweets letting us know what was happening in terms of where the patient was with pre-op, what the nurses were doing to take care of the patient, etc.  Also, there was a doctor with the social media crew to answer questions that twitterers had about the surgery. For instance:

Dr. Scott Shepard: From Twitter:

@erica_kaspar once the tumor is removed will the brain grow into the area the tumor was removed or will there always be an empty spot?

Answer: The brain will gradually fill the hole where the tumor was.

In addition to this dialog, Memorial Hermann added both live photos, and short VIDEO of the brain, the tumor being taken out of the brain, and the patient being taken out of surgery.

One thing I was most fascinated by was seeing the plates that connect the bone back together.  I can feel the difference in shape on my forehead and I’ve been very curious about what the plates look like and how that whole system works.  One fact I learned is that the skull does not need pressure in order for the bones to join together and heal, while all the other bones in the body do.

If you can stomach it, check out the feed here:

Did you find it interesting? Or was it too gory for you? The first surgery they went live with was heart surgery, this is their second.  What do you want to see next??

Thanks Memorial Hermann for this experience! I appreciate being on the other side of the Brain Surgery this time, especially during Brain Cancer Awareness Month!


About Ashley Myers-Turner

Los Angeles based photographer & videographer, health care advocate, and chocolate dipped twizzler enthusiast.

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