Awkward Dance Project!

In Houston, during college, I danced a lot.  I belonged to my college dance company – Rice Dance Theater – along with dancing with a few groups outside of my college, and teaching a couple kids and ‘mommy & me’ classes at a dance school/non-profit (Hope Stone –

One of the other dancers who joined me both in RDT as well as most of the other groups was my dear friend Danielle.  And not only were we often in the same dances, when there was partner work to be done, we were often paired up.  This created a very strong bond between us, because not only did we spend lots of time together in rehearsal and carpools back and forth, but we were literally carrying, supporting, catching, throwing, and moving each other through space. When my mother passed away from Ovarian cancer, one of our choreographers added music to a peice we had already started learning, and this music coincidentally happened to be music we played at my mother’s memorial service. In the choreography Danielle caught me and carried me across the stage, and we both knew this to be important and symbolic.  It was her understanding and support which made it ok for me to continue and dance through the situation and, in a way, use it for healing.

Unfortunately, Danielle’s mom also died from cancer a couple years ago – pancreatic cancer.  But Danielle, being the beautiful, strong, smart and compassionate woman she is has come up with a brilliant and creative way to tempt people to make donations to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network: The Awkward Dance Project!!

For a donation of $40 you can request a song and she will make a short (about 30 seconds) video of an awkward dance to the song, and she will post it to her blog and facebook for your viewing pleasure dedicated to YOU!

AND!!!!  She made one just for ME!!  She made her own contribution to MY charity (Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure and created an awkward dance to the first minute of the White Stripe’s song Seven Nation Army in celebration of May and National Brain Tumor Awareness Month!!

How awesome is she?!!

And NOW,  I’m offering to get in on the action!!

If someone is willing to make another $40 donation, I’m willing to make a second section to the Seven Nation Army Awkward Dance!  I’ll add to the dance Danielle created for me!

Check out Danielle’s Blog here:

Check out the video.  Any donators??


About Ashley Myers-Turner

Los Angeles based photographer & videographer, health care advocate, and chocolate dipped twizzler enthusiast.

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