Italian Glass Skulls

Recently I took a trip to Italy for the first time EVER.


Here I am in Venice!!

Venice is the home of Murano Glass.  Murano Glass originated in the 9th century in Italy and used Venice as its major trading port.  But soon Venice became the primary city where the glass was created.  And because of this, the glass craftsmen were elevated in the cast system, becoming incredibly affluent citizens. Holding a monopoly on the glass making business for centuries, Morano now has spread out with several more factories and individual artist studios.

In addition, there are many glass shops that now emulate the Morano look and design.

Most of the glass focuses on bead jewelry, stemware and animal sculpture.

As we were walking around, in the window of one of the shops, I was surprised to see this glass skull with an interesting piece of brain art sitting inside of it .  It was unlike any other piece of glass art I saw while in Venice – quite the departure from the peacocks, parrots and tigers that marked the glass landscape.


We were lucky enough to visit the actual Murano Glass factory while on our tour and saw a demonstration about how they make the glass.  It is pretty amazing to see how someone can make a tiger out of glass in about 3 minutes flat!

While all the glass is beautiful, most of the pieces aren’t actually my style.  The colors are absolutely beautiful, but the large sculptural pieces and chandeliers just aren’t going to fit in my small, mostly wood covered, houndstooth and chevron printed apartment. But I walked around the store looking at everything.

And I was stopped in my tracks at the ring area.  In the jewelry section, there are trays filled to the brim with options for you to sift through. But one tray had just 8 rings sitting in it. And instead of them being flowers or colorful circles and squares, they were skulls – black, white, and ornately decorated with silver and gold. They were compeletely different than anything else in the store!

We were told that some of the creations in the show room had just been created, still being perfected, and were not available out of the Venice Factory.  I’ve noticed that this isn’t on the website yet.  Hopefully it will be added because I think its beautiful and I get comments on it all the time.  And while they have black & gold and black & silver combinations, I think the white & gold combination is a bit more uplifting and celebratory.

Thanks Murano!


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