In Wonderland

I worked on this in the spring and finished it probably the day before I left for Italy.  I pulled it out, and now I’m thinking maybe its not done… but maybe thats how everyone thinks. So I might as well post it while I think about it.

Its keeping with my previous Wonderland theme and was sparked by the graffiti poster that is used, which I found in downtown LA and I revamped a little bit.  I also incorporated the original illustrations from the book.  Anyway…. here it is. Take a trip down the rabbit hole.


About Ashley Myers-Turner

Los Angeles based photographer & videographer, health care advocate, and chocolate dipped twizzler enthusiast.


  1. rt

    Only able to reference my own work related to this (similar but not quite the same), but unfortunately these types of things which come from a deep spot in my life are never really done….nor will they ever be for me….I don’t think there is ever a “done”. For me, I have to attempt to just put my thinking on my project aside for awhile. If I pick it up again a month or so later, new ideas may pop up. Well, sometime this works , other times maybe not……I don’t have to tell you that nothing is a done deal…
    Be well,

    • Well, definitely the subject is not done. We both know that 😉 I agree, once you put it down, new ideas pop up. I’m thinking that it means that I need to move on and make a new piece though, instead of just re-working the old one.
      Miss you,

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