You know when you have a bullet on your ToDo list and it just sits there never getting done for no good reason?

Well, I’ve had this post on my ToDo list since this summer, and I’m finally getting to it!

Over the summer I was still in the midst of recovering from my surgery.  Because of this, I was experiencing a lot of different symptoms – headaches, memory difficulties, visual problems, generally feeling like I was on drugs – most of which have subsided.  But this image attempts to capture one very particular symptom.

I talking, describing, and sharing this with my doctor, there is no name, reasoning, or treatment for this symptom to my knowledge, but here is a description:

I will be sitting on the couch resting with my arms crossed and close my eyes.  After a moment, I will feel as though my left arm is resting on my left should.  I will be incredibly sure of this.  Yet, upon wiggling my fingers or opening my eyes, I will see that it is NOT on my shoulder, it is still crossed with my other arm.

This made me wonder: How can my brain think my body is somewhere it’s not? Where am I? Is my idea of self different when my eyes are open vs closed? When I’m moving vs still? How am I pieced and sewn together? How do the physical and the mental self-image interact?

Here is the image:


I’m working on some more images now, so hopefully it won’t take me so long to post them this time!


About Ashley Myers-Turner

Los Angeles based photographer & videographer, health care advocate, and chocolate dipped twizzler enthusiast.

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