Cancer Fatigue

Sometimes life gets busy.

Over the past several months I have had several big life events – new job, moving to a new apartment, sudden death in the family, an art show. Each event on its own is stressful enough for a healthy person to experience some sleepless nights and need some extra care. But piled on all at once was a bit overwhelming.

At first I thought my exhaustion was due to the amount of change happening. No amount of sleep seemed to re-energize me. While exercise such as hiking and dance classes used to fuel me, now it left me completely bottomed out. But because it really didn’t feel like any type of stress or exhaustion I had experienced at any point in my life before I decided to re-evaluate my fatigue.

I was not familiar with cancer fatigue at all and it wasn’t until I started talking individually with someone at my Cancer Support Center that I recognized my symptoms and started making major changes in my lifestyle in order to get to a balanced place where I feel optimistic about my energy level.

Today Stand Up To Cancer posted this video by Dr. Mike Evans about Cancer Fatigue. It does a great job at explaining cancer fatigue, how prevalent it is, and ways to overcome it. All in a well drawn cartoon format!

(All though I will say that for me, when he says “My brain says go, my body says no” it was the opposite. My body said go but my brain said no. I’m guessing that’s due partly to the fact that my cancer and surgery is brain related.)

Check out the video here:



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Los Angeles based photographer & videographer, health care advocate, and chocolate dipped twizzler enthusiast.

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