2 Year Surgery-aversary

It has been a while since I’ve posted, but I have a lot coming up, so I figured the time has come to make an update!

February was my official surgery-aversary but last week I had my regularly scheduled MRI. And I will not leave you in suspense… I’m all clear. Nothing appears to have grown, so I’m all set to rock’n’roll through to July for my next MRI. Do a little dance and party on!

Clear MRI, Like a Boss: testing out a new app called Studio

Clear MRI, Like a Boss: testing out a new app called Studio

I have several art pieces I’m working on, so hopefully this blog will get me excited to share and push me to get them finished. Several are photos and ink, one is a multi-piece project continuing my photo on canvas with embroidery, and another is a physical 3D piece that will most likely take a much longer to complete, but will hopefully get done and be worth the time and effort! I’m also working on two separate writing projects – one is a chapter within a larger book on art therapy and cancer, and the other is a full personal book with my writing, art and documentary photos. Projects for DAYSSSS!

Coming up on my schedule I have several trips planned. I have been lucky enough to be sponsored by the non-profit group Voices Against Brain Cancer (along with a survivor friend I know from the Twitter and blog-o-sphere, Catherine) to go to the Stupid Cancer OMG Summit at the end of April. It will be my second time at the summit (I went last year with my best friend and cancer buddy Raechal), but this time Catherine and I will be talking with the two groups about the needs of patient support and how a partnership can best serve the brain tumor community in this way. So if you have any ideas, let me know!! (Also, I’m incredibly excited to meet Catherine in person! She is also an artist, and she moderates the #BTSM Twitter chats for us each month. At some point I’m determined to do a joint art project. She updates her blog on a very regular basis, and you should check it out here: http://platedlife.wordpress.com/)

I’m also going to be going to Head to the Hill, an event where I”ll be speaking with my congress reps about brain cancer legislation. The event is run by the National Brain Tumor Society. I’ve been looking forward to this event for an entire year, and I can not WAIT for it to finally get here! I’ll be attending with Raechal (my most amazing BT support, for which I would be lost with out). I’m also excited that I’ll be meeting Liz ( http://thelizarmy.com/) at this event, where we will all be representing the great state of California!

So that is my quickest update ever….. but stay tuned as I’ll be doing my best to update more often with art and events through this spring and summer!





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Los Angeles based photographer & videographer, health care advocate, and chocolate dipped twizzler enthusiast.

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