How To Participate


Previously I had a very specific idea of the way I wanted people to participate – through a portrait.  Yes, if you are still interested, we can still do that, and please read below for details.

But I also want to interact in different ways.

First, please leave me comments! What better way to communicate than through the ease and quickness of comments.

Also, if you are an artist, or if you just simply LIKE to make art, collages, photos, drawings, ANYTHING, and you are interested in having an ART DIALOG, please contact me.  If we can email .jpg files or mail actual pieces back and forth, and add or respond to each other through art, I’m totally game!

If you have interesting articles, podcasts, art, events in the LA area…. I want to hear about them!

You can email me at

You can follow me on Twitter @ashmt

You can follow me on Instagram @ashmt

So what do you need in order to participate in The MRI Project?

–  a desire to create an interesting image.

– an MRI image, either the actual film (of which I can take a photo) or the image on a CD (of which I can have a copy or transfer files).

– time and the ability to meet with me to take your portrait.  I’m Los Angeles based.  I do get around SoCal, so San Diego or Santa Barbara areas aren’t difficult. San Francisco/Bay Area may be arranged.  I’m from Texas, so I get back there regularly. I look for excuses to get to NYC/Tri-State area.  Even if you’re not in these areas, contact me if you’re interested and we can brainstorm a solution.

– willingness to sign a release form so that I can share your image.

– willingness to complete a short survey. The survey includes briefly discussing your diagnosis, what lead to it, feelings regarding the MRI process, feelings regarding your body, and if you feel there is a stigma related to your diagnosis.  You may share as much or as little as you want, but I ask that you share something – 1 or 2 sentences. I’m happy to talk with you about it in advance if you like.

Please contact me at to arrange a time and date for a photo session.



  1. Pam Bunn

    My daughter, Cindy (21) has had spinal Astrocytoma since 8 y/o. Today we had an MRI of her brain to see if the tumor has moved to her head. I saw a couple of images and they just don’t look right. We will find out Sunday afternoon the results. The whole process has been different than all the scans over the past 13 years. We usually go to the neuro and she would schedule the next scan and we would get results 6 months later at her next appt. We showed her the bulge on Cindy’s head, the scan was scheduled and the neuro will meet us at her office Sunday pm. Also, at scan the tech is usually working on the images to finalize them and I see maybe 10-15 images. When he realized I was watching while Cindy got dressed he stopped bringing up any images and only worked with file names like he planned to look at later. After Sunday we will know more of what lays ahead for her. By the way we are from Mississippi.

    • Pam, You definitely have more years of experience with this process than me, but I know that even if something small goes differently than before it makes me anxious. Hopefully in the next few days, while you wait for the results, you can find something fun and relaxing to do – watching a favorite movie, getting a manicure, a favorite dinner with friends – or listen to some music, pull out some paper and paint/markers/pastels and make some art! (Take pictures of the art and I can post it here). Either way, I’m thinking positive thoughts for you and Cindy, both during the time of waiting, and for a positive diagnosis and treatment plan!

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